Grab Shell

by ToWarDis

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Bad Romance 02:57
This never was your struggle if you didn’t suffer. A tourist in a fantasy as you fades. You are still part of the system, part of the problem. A friend that never comes back. The disparity never sets in, on your way through life, this is only a stop. This never was your struggle if you didn’t suffer. Your generosity, your Sympathy. You are just a fucking Ghost.
From the white perspective having kids is wrong, for those who can’t support themselves, Shouldn’t start a family. But who will fight tomorrow’s fight? How can we pass down all that we’ve learnt? It’s a thought that’s often too late. We aren’t the youth anymore, No sense, when all we do is fuck!
Where is your head, so long ago, you felt right? One for old time sakes, you failed at everything, Cynical: unconscious: comfortably lying. You were young and angry. Now you live your life with your wants forgetting you were part of a struggle. Where is your head, so long ago, you felt right? There’s fear in your eyes.
Your guilt will not compensate For your markings you have engraved into the people and the land. Now’s the time to reverse what you have done. In this fucked up existence. The birth and growth of your white lies.
Grab Shell 01:31
When things went from bad to worse the mistreatment maintains. The illusions that kept the white expansion unnatural; Settlements using force and deception. Has already dug in. When things went from bad to worse, the mistreatment maintains; attacking the right to continue to exist in this world. We will not drop this conflict. We will not forget the times past.
Don’t know any better. This is the only life you’ve known. Right’s wrong. So you say as if you’re the same can’t you see the cracks behind their smiles? Your skin color is still brown. This will always keep you down
I still believe, I still can see. Still Alive, Ready to Fight. The past is the present. Matter of Excitement. Responsibility! Not my Problem! Your Baby! Not my Problem! Clothes Smell! Not my Problem! Like Weed! Not my Problem. See you standing there barely aware, Years ahead you cry, Full circle!
A way of life, into the night. Talk goes on forever. Social creatures; solidarity? Anger disappears, hate! Nothing matters, your life shatters; Wasted youth; their influence.
Another morning lost with nothing to fill the void till the next one. Accepted Sedation, A life without discipline. Cultural Genocide, Out at night. Following the worst example. Living for the indulgence, your scene, an existing cycle. Youth born in subjugation. All according to plan.
Rez Show 01:28
Over the years you have fucked up So much and now you can’t survive so foolish; only bringing yourself down; same old arguments making no sense. Now your reactions make you dangerous. The life you display is the same old rez show. You suck
Easy Way Out 00:18
Just keep assimilating
Macho Joke 02:11
Acceptance by ignorance, Supremacy by inaction. Or so you think. Imagine the privileged. Copying what you see, image by image. A mentality that is limited in every way. A strong and silent existence, Like a child never growing. A macho joke past the punch line


released March 11, 2011

Jamie: Vocals
Marc: Bass/Vocals
Nick: Guitar
Paul: Percussion
Additional vocals by Genesis Carr

Recorded in our homes between November 2010 through March 2011, except drums, which were recorded by Doug Begay.


all rights reserved



ToWarDis Flagstaff, Arizona

From Flagstaff, Az to the Rez. Grind/D-beat. Female fronted, socially anguished noise

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